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39th Annual 

Friday, May 30, 2014 
One O'clock P.M. 

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 

The National Anthem 

Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light, 
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? 
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight, 
O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? 
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air. 
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. 
Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave 
O'er the land ofthefi^ee and the home of the brave? 

Francis Scott Key 
1779 - 1843 

Lift Every Voice and Sing 

Lift every voice and sing, till earth and heaven ring. 
Ring with the harmonies of liberty; 
Let our rejoicing rise, high as the list'ning skies. 
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. 
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us. 
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun. 
Let us march on till victory is won. 

James Weldon Johnson 

1871 - 1938 



The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional for 
students and faculty. 

Madison Park High School - Marine Corps JROTC will post the colors. 

National Anthem 

Mrs. Tolieth Marks 
Lift Every Voice and Sing 

Led by Mrs. Tolieth Marks 
Students' Greetings from Around the World 

Greetings From the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department 
of Higher Education 

Dr. Richard M. Freeland, Commissioner of Massachusetts Department of 
Higher Education 

Greetings From the Alumni 

Mr. Kodjo Agblekpe, Alumni President 
Musical Selection 

Mrs. Tolieth Marks 
Introduction of Valedictorians 

Ms. Cecile M. Regner, Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 


Ms. Monica Brown 
Mr. Shaoyu Chang 
Ms. Victoria Williams 

Introduction of the Commencement Speaker 

Ms. Cecile M. Regner, Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 

Commencement Address 

Dr. Valerie R. Roberson, President 

Musical Selection 

Mrs. Tolieth Marks 

Conferring of Degrees and Certificates 


Authorization of the Board of Trustees 

Mr. Gerald Chertavian, Chair, Board of Trustees 
Dr. Valerie R. Roberson, President 

Introduction of Degree and Certificate Candidates 

Presided by Ms. Cecile M. Regner, Interim Vice President of Academic and 
Student Affairs 

Dr. Javad Moulai , Interim Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and 
Math introduces Candidates for Associates in Arts 

Dr. Gloria Cater, Dean Emerita of Health Sciences introduces Candidates for 
Associate in Science and Certificates with specification 

Presentation of Degrees and Certificates to the Students 

Mr. Gerald Chertavian, Chair, Board of Trustees 

Dr. Valerie R. Roberson, President 

Ms. Cecile M. Regner, Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 

The audience is requested to remain seated during the recessional and is 
invited immediately after the ceremony to a reception in the Reggie Lewis 
Track and Athletic Center Gymnasium. 


om the President 

Education offers opportunities for changing how we choose to 
live, how we choose to educate, and how we choose to govern 
ourselves for future generations to come. Please grasp the 
opportunities when they arise, for therein lies the key to your 
future and the future of all our communities. 

Today is the beginning of new opportunities, experiences 
and growth. I would like for you to remember today, not 
just the moment, but the years that have led to this moment. 
Remember the days spent together in class, the hard work 
and sacrifices endured, and the friendships that have been 
built along the way. 

I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. Your 
graduation will help pave the way as you travel the road to 
greater success, both in college and beyond. You will be the 
leaders of tomorrow and with the education you now have 
and will seek further, you will reach new heights and achieve 
your dreams. 

My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 20 14. 1 wish each 
of you the very best and much success in the future. 


Dr. Valerie R. Roberson 


ommencement Speaker 

Dr. Valerie R. Roberson 

Dr. Valerie R. Roberson, President 
of Roxbury Community College, 
has been a community college 
administrator for twenty-eight years. 
She has served as president, vice 
president of academic affairs and of 
institutional advancement, district 
associate vice chancellor, dean of 
academic support, and director of 

adult education at various institutions. 

Prior to becoming President of RCC, Dr. Roberson was the Vice 
President of Academic Affairs at Joliet Junior College. Joliet is 
recognized as the nation's first public community college and 
presently serves approximately 15,600 college credit students 
in over 100 degree and certificate programs. Community 
College Times recognized Joliet Junior College as one of the 
top 100 associate degree producers in the nation (June, 2012) 
as a result of college efforts and projects that she led. 

She served as President of Olive-Harvey College, of the 
City Colleges of Chicago, for over five years. Olive-Harvey 
College serves approximately 7,500 students annually from 
a predominately African-American, and growing Hispanic, 
population on the southeast side of Chicago. Dr. Roberson 
was appointed Interim President and was then selected as 
permanent President from a national pool of candidates. 

Under her leadership, Olive-Harvey College improved its 
overall image, increased student enrollments, developed new 
academic programs, and increased college financial resources. 
Dr. Roberson was an active board member of the South 
Chicago Chamber of Commerce and several other community 
organizations. She was recognized by Chicago Public Schools 


for her efforts to expand post-secondary opportunities for 
area high school students. Dr. Roberson worked to increase 
workforce training, internships, and student employment 
and to ensure that academic programs prepared students to 
meet and exceed industry requirements. Dr. Roberson also 
refocused the College on improving student engagement and 
student success. In 2009, Olive-Harvey College was recognized 
in the national publication. Making Connections: Dimensions 
ofStiident Success, by the Center for Student Engagement. 

Dr. Roberson earned her Doctorate in higher education 
administration from Illinois State University, in 2002. 
She holds a Master's degree in Adult Education: Employee 
Training and Development from Roosevelt University and a 
Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Bradley University. 


usical Selection 

Tolieth Marks 

Dynamic, anointed psalmist, Tolieth 
Marks sings gospel, contemporary 
praise and worship music with her 
group "SoundMind." Singing since 
the tender age of 4, she has learned 
that her gift of song is not restricted to 
making the heart feel hopeful and at 
peace, but is a God-given instrument 
for pulling down the strongholds that 

keep God's people from freely worshiping Him. 

After sharing the stage with the likes of Richard Smallwood, 
LaShun Pace, Vicki Winans, and many others, Tolieth 
decided to further pursue her dream of ministering in song 
by attending Berklee College of Music. She graduated in 2003 
with her Bachelor's degree as a Music Business/Management 
major. Currently her husband, producer, and partner in 
business, Mr. Austin Marks of Perfect Timing Productions, is 
on the verge of releasing her first album entitled "Heartfelt." 

Along with her husband, Tolieth has organized worship 
conferences for the past four years and God has shown Himself 
strong every time. Even when she is pressed beyond her own 
boundaries in the name of the Lord, Tolieth is unrelenting 
about restoring the temple of worship for the Kingdom of God. 




^y^nors Program 

Students who have fulfilled the Honors Program have maintained a minimum GPA 0/3.3 
and have completed three or more Honors courses. 

(*) = Honors - Gold Cord 
(**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord 
(***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash 
(^) = Honors Program 

f The Registrar of Roxbury Community College maintains the official list of all graduates 
I and honor designations. This program is only for ceremonial purposes. 

Degrees in Course 

Degrees are presented in the following order 

f^P^sociate in Arts 

JouRDON Abraham 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Chikaodili Ajene* 
Biological Science 

Ugochi C. Andesy 
Health Careers 

Marie R. Auguste* 
Health Careers 

Marc Ayala-Bousaleh** 
Social Science 


Health Careers ^ ■< 

Rachelle Balan ^^^^ 
Health Careers 

Yancie F. Barthelemy 
Health Careers 


Health Careers 

Paul Becklens 
Liberal Arts 


Abezash T. Bedada* 
Business Administration 

Sherlange Berrette* 
Health Careers 

Slightby Bien-Aime 
Health Careers 

Natasha Blount* 
Health Careers 

Bettina Brea 
Health Careers 

Marioly a. Brito 
Social Science 

Shymaria D. Broadway 
Social Science 

Chanese J. Brown* 
Social Science 

Nefertari Brown 
Health Careers 

Lloyd C. Bryan, Jr. 
Social Science 

Lasheena T. Butler* 
Business Administration 

Sheeana G. Calliste 
Health Careers 

Miosotis J. Camacho 
Health Careers 

Isabel M. Cardoso** 
Health Careers 

Tresalyn Carson** 
Social Science 

Teresita E. Cassidy 
Sochi Science 

Jasmine D. Cazeau 
Health Careers 

Ed Chery* 
Health Careers 

Emeka I. Chidere** 
Health Careers 

Ayodele R. Chitou* 
Health Careers 

Ezra Clarke*** 
Health Careers 

Nadia p. Coll 
Liberal Arts ^ 

Vanessa Daniel 
Business Administration 


Biological Science 

Jamaal a. Dear* 
Visual Arts 

Michelle C. Delices 
Liberal Arts 

Lazaire Delisca* 
Business Administration 

Chadress D. Desrosiers* 
Liberal Arts 

Nene a. Dlu,lo*** 
Biological Science 

Thierno a. Dlallo** 
Biological Science 

GiNA Diaz 
Liberal Arts 

GuiLLERMO A. Diaz* 
Business Administration 

Samuel Diedhiou* 
Social Science 

Claudette Marie E. Dorceus** 
Health Careers 

Aldis Dory* 
Health Careers 

Shaleane Dunbar 
Health Careers 

Elodie p. Duverneau 
Liberal Arts 

Francine C. Dyer* 
Biological Science 


Health Careers 

Adriana Eichin* 
Social Science 

TosAN N. Ekunkunbor 
Biological Science 


Health Careers 

La'shunda M. Evans 
Health Careers 

Anatachille Figaro* 
Health Careers 

Walter Flores***Ji 
Biological Science 

Dixon Francois, Jr.* 
Liberal Arts 

Nicole K. George 
Social Science 

(*) = Honors - Gold Cord (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord {***) = Highest Honors - Blight Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


f_J^sociate in Arts 

Melissa D. Goncalves 
Health Careers 

Lanna L. Griffith** 
Health Careers 

Shamika L. Gumes 
Health Careers 

Marie Heriveaux 
Health Careers 

Boaz Hilaire 
Social Science 

Amina O. Hilowle** 
Business Administration 

Amanda L. Hoover 
Liberal Arts 

Esther M. Ikuewan' 
Health Careers 

Martine Jacques* 
Biological Science 

I / 

Rebecca B. Jean y 
Liberal Arts 

Christine Jean-Baptiste 
Health Careers 

Rashida Jenkins* 
Health Careers 

Naeem Jones* 

Emila Joseph* 
Health Careers 

LuNiE Joseph* 
Biological Science 

Melissa Jules* 
Liberal Arts 

Nathan Julien 
Health Careers 


Health Careers 

Jamie J. Jusu* 
Health Careers 

Salieu S. Kamara* 
Health Careers 

Ieshl\ Karasik*** 

Olasupo Kehinde** 
Business Administration 

Johannes Kone Karam** 
Health Careers 

Demetrious E. Lambright 
Liberal Arts 

LuANiTA Lane 
Liberal Arts 

Luz Leal 
Health Careers 

Emmanuel P. Limage* 
Biological Science: 
Laboratory Animal Care 

Thairine Lopes** 
Biological Science 

Samuel A. Louissaint* 
Health Careers 

Raphael Malek** 
Physical Science 

Luis Mancebo, Jr.^ 
Liberal Arts 

Anny J. Maza 

Business Administration 

Velma S. McDowall* 
Liberal Arts 

Elizabeth D. McLaughlin 
Health Careers 

Andres Medina-Carreto 
Business Adminstration 

Debora A.F. Melicio Leao 
Social Science 

Telesha L. Mervin 
Social Science 

Kady-Ann N. Miller** 
Health Careers 

James Mischel 
Musical Arts 

Khadra H. Mohumud* 
Health Careers 

Katherine a. Monroig 
Social Science 

RosEMARiE D. Morris 
Business Administration 

Clare Nakiranda* 
Biological Science 

Andrice L Napoleon 

Frantz H. Nazaire 
Visual Arts 

Frantz H. Nazaire 
Liberal Arts 

Ruth A. Nazoliny 
Social Science 

Adzoa S. Ntem** 
Business Administration 

Nnemeka Okpala** 
Health Careers 


Health Careers 

Raman B. Olaogun** 
Health Careers 

Moses Olatunde** 
Health Careers 

Femi Omojogberun** 
Biological Science 

Jessica Ortiz 
Health Careers 

Hamda O. Osman* 
Health Careers 

Samuel A. Oyinlola** 
Biological Science 

Avian C. Pace* 
Biological Science: 
Laboratory Animal Care 

(*) = Honors - Gold Cord (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord {***} = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


•sociate in Arts 

Dydier Parisien 

Christina Robinson 

Jermaine C. Tullogh 

Health Careers 

Business Administration 

Musical Arts 

Dawna K. Parry** 

TiMNA P. Robinson** 

Chisom 0. Udengwu** 

Health Careers 

Health Careers 

Biological Science 

Janelle Patrick 

LizMARiE Rodriguez 

Bertha R. Ugbe** 


1-TtT A T TT-f I^A UT7J7UC 

Health Careers 

Romanes Paul, Jr.* 

YvENSCL\ A. Saint Hilaire 




Health Careers 

Idalia J. Pena* 

Wolf Same 

Rodney Vincent* 

J-fjTA I TT-I I & (71717130 

Cynthia Perdomo ^ 

^nrrA i Qr'in'xrr'ji' 

Eva I. Sanchez* 

Health Careers 
Thomas Vladimir* 



Biological Science 

Katherine Perdomo Cano 

Stagey M. Sims . 

t tt\ ft A l\ tI^ . tJLJJLlVLJL 

Megan Wallange-Andrade' 

Health Careers 

Tereza T. Pereira da Veiga* 

Kevin R. Small, Jr.** 

Hewan D. Wami* 

Biological Science 

Jonathan Pharel* 

Tanisha a. Small- Yarde 

Sir Lawrence A. Welsh 

ljint,KAL I\Kib 

Business Administration 

Fabian Pierre |/ 

Tanisha A. Small- Yarde 

Julius E. White, Jr.* 

Health Careers 

Social Science 

Liberal Arts 

Ta-Naudia R. Pogue 

Myriam St. Lot 

Tonya Y. Wilkerson 

T-Tt7 A T TT-T I'a DTPTTUQ \. 

1-TtT A T TT-f I A D CPDC 

Health Careers 

Knight M. Polk*** 

Andixson St. Louis** 

MiESHA N. Williams 


J-fpATTff r^4J?/7PPC 

J. J Jj/Uj 1 n ^^j^ JvJjJL j\o 

Liberal Arts 

ISL\H PrUITT** ^ ^ 

T-Jt7 A I TT-T i'a DTPT7UQ 

Shanla D. Stephens** 


Nyteesha C. Worford 
Biological Science 

Michael J. Ragland II* 

Shakeen Stewart 

Selamawit B. Wubie* 

A/TrKTr'A T A j?tq 

R^^t!r^^cctJ Anl\A^T^TTQTT?ATT/^^T 

Health Careers 

Natalies Reynoso* 


Eden T. Zerufael* 

Health Careers 

Health Careers 

Biological Science 

Bernarda Rivera-Severino** 

Barbara Sylvestre* 

Mahlet Zewdu* 

Health Careers 

Health Careers 

Business Adminstration 


Gilary a. Toledano* 

Biological Science 

Liberal Arts 

Shavorn Roberts* 

Firehiwot a. Truneh* 

Liberal Arts 

Biological Science 

(*) = Honors - Gold Cord (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


^^J^0sociate in Science 

Libia M. Acosta 
Criminal Justice 


Criminal Justice 



Jaliek Allah-Barnes 
Information Systems Technology 

Helton Alves** 
Network Administration 

Atta-Poku Augustine 
Nursing \ 

Reginald Badeau* 

Georgy Badin 



Grazuela M. Barreau* 

Sonia Barros 1/ 

Nathaly J. Batista Pena 
Early Childhood Education 

Alfred Belcher 

James M. Berry 



Frttz G. Bouquet* 

Johanna E. Brown* 
Criminal Justice 

Monica E. Brown*** 

Philip M. Cadet 

Wagner Calixte** 

Vannesa Camacho* 

Adelino Canuto* 
Criminal Justice 

Richardo J. Canuto 
Criminal Justice 

Ana C. Casado 
Criminal Justice 

Shaoyu Chang***^ 

Jeanine M. Chery* 

Kescla B. Chery 

Shequita M. Cook* 
Criminal Justice 

Hilaire U. Dastinot 

Nelly C. De La Cruz** 
Criminal Justice 

Susana De Paz 

Lashea Dedrick* 
Business Management 

Didier J. Dega** ,-«^ 

Crystal Y. DePina* 

Early Childhood Education 

Miranda Desir* 
Criminal Justice 

Yohanna Diaz** 

Erin DiJulio 

Alisha D. Donald 

Early Childhood Education 

Jasmine Dozier 
Business Management 

Melisa Ducheine* 

Bellande Eliancy* 

Norman-Lee J. Ellison 
Web Technologies 

Kathy L. Evelyn* 



Manuela Fernandes 
Nursing ^ 

James Fleury** 

Kaddour Fradj*** 
Radiologic Technology 

Marie E. Francois* 

Audrey Franklin* 
Criminal Justice 

Virgilio a. Franqui 
Nursing y 

Eric T. Friedman*** 

Andrea Furlanetto 



Marie N. Georges 

Linda M. Gomes* 
Business Management 

Myles a. Gosmon* 
Information Systems Technology 

Samuel Gweh* 

Ophelia L. Halls Clarke* 
Ecology AND Environment 

{*) = Honors - Gold Cord {**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord = Highest Honors - Blight Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


sociate in Science 

Kametra L. Harrison* 

Martin M. Kimita 

Luyanda N. Mtembu 

Network Administration 



Rayne A.E. Hart* 

Grace M. Kitembo 

Angela D. Mulcare-Cadasse* 



Janelle Holmes-Green** 

Alzira E. Knight* 

Sylvla Namitala 

Information Systems Technology 

HjAKLi K^nlLJJHUULJ IlilJUi^Al lUl\ 

Shantelle p. Horton 

Fred Lane 

Peter N. Njoroge* 

Business IManagement 

A/ m^//^ E> I-^ J\ rMl/fTATTCTD AT'T/^'\T 

lyhl nUKK J^lJiViiNibiKAiiUJN 

1 V (JJdJJiVLr 

James D. Howard*** 

Marvel Larose 

Frank G. Nunes* 




Felicla B. Lima ^^^^ 


La'Tiefia U. Howard* 


Criminal J ustice ^ ^ 

Ernest G. Hunter 

Joanne P. Liu** J 

Florence N. Okonkwo** 

Network Administration 

Accounting JL 


Saturday G. Igbinakenzua* 

Sheila K. Lovell 

Sharon A. Ombati* 

Criminal */ ustice ^ ^ 

IVlJJvoJiVLr ^ 

Sunday I. Ike*** 

John A. Lyles 

Ezinne Osuji* 

Radiologic Technology 

RrrcrivrFcc n/i ai^t ^f^T^^^wi^vr 

A OT V i't-itt n H/'i/H n Ti'nTTr'A TTn\r 

Jamal R. Jackson* 

Danielle Maldonado*** 

Demetrius L. Patterson** 

Early Childhood Education 

Criminal Justice 
Yanet Martinez* 

Criminal Justice 

Robert P. Jackson III 

Anthonine Payen* 

Criminal Justice 

Business Management 

Criminal Justice 

RuGiRSY W. Jean-Laurent* 

Ariel A. Matos Diaz 

Andrelis Perez 

Business Management 

Business ]\Ianagement 


Olga Jean-Michel* 

Darnell M. McFarlane* 

Carlos J. Pina* 

Administrative Information 

Computer Science ^ 
Stanley L. Michel* 

Business Management 


Keondra S. Pittman* 

Indl\ p. Jessamy 

l\El W UKK ^aJMlN IS I KA L lUN 

AUT V IT-ITT n fT/'l/H n PriTTr'A TjrWT 

Early Childhood Education 

Javier Millan* 

Roosevelt L. Poulard** 


Business Management 

Radiologic Technology 


Gregory Miller** 

Tamara p. Prudent 

Kyana S. Jinks 



Early Childhood Education 

Katherine a. Monroig 

Sierra Pryce** 

LisSET Kanzi-Belghiti* 

Early Childhood Education 

Criminal Justice 


Leila S. Monteiro* 

Brenda J. Ramsey* 

Sunil George A. Kates* 

Criminal Justice 

Early Childhood Education 

Criminal Justice 

Michael 0. Motley 

Gina M. Ribeiro 

Tari Keinkede** 




(*) = Honors - Gold Cord (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


^^J^0sociate in Science 

Cindy Richardson 

Adriana C. Rivera** 
Criminal Justice 

Hansel Ruiz** 

Information Systems Technology 

Jean E. Sabbat*** 

Jaqueline Sanches 

Early Childhood Education 

Jennifer Sanchez 
Criminal Justice 

John F.K. Sauld* 

Kristoffer Sebello 

Carole O. Sergile 

Early Childhood Education 

Danielle L. Shearer* 

Shawntae Y. Stallworth 
Criminal Justice 

Jasmin Taylor* 
Criminal Justice 

Keri a. Taylor* 
Criminal Justice 

Sarah N. Terrero 
Criminal Justice 



Isaac Tharpe** 
Radiologic Technology 

Alexandra Troncoso 
Business Management 

Janet Villafane 
Criminal Justice 

Hewan D. Wami* 

SuziE Wanyoike* 

Holly Weisheit 

Dawn E. Wetherbee 

Christina M. Wilder 

Nadine a. Wilkerson 
Early Childhood Education 

Kassondra J. Williams* 
Early Childhood Education 

Sherrell Williams* 
Ineormahon Systems Technology 

Victoria L. Willlams*** 

Latanya M. Wood* 
Office Administration 

Stephanie I. Woodson* 
Criminal Justice 

Ermias K. Yerdaw* 

(*) = Honors - Gold Cord (**) = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord = Highest Honors - Blight Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


rtificates with Specification 

Keilah Acevedo 
Practical Nursing 

Israel Aguy 
Paralegal Studies 

Christopher Blythe 
Paralegal Studies 

Margarette Casimir 
Practical Nursing 

Shaoyu Chang*** 


Practical Nursing 

Donna A. Coakley 
Paralegal Studies 

Andrea Dominovic 
Practical Nursing 

Merline p. Etienne 
Medical Office Specl^list 

Altaye S. Gelaye y 
Practical Nursing 

Charell L. Hendricks 
Paralegal Studies 

Miocene Henri 
Practical Nursing 


Practical Nursing 

RuGiRSY W. Jean- Laurent* 

Geoffrey R. Kigera 
Practical Nursing 

Dapeng Li 

Practical Nursing ^ ^ 

Luce C. Lopez** 
Paralegal Studies ^ 

Victoria G. Montgomery 
Practical Nursing 

f ■v 

Wendy Y. Moreta* ^ 
Medical Office Specialist 

Njumo F. Nyirenda* 
Practical Nursing 

Cecily Pettijohn 
Practical Nursing 

Terrance S. Sanders 
Broadcast Media Technology 

Edith Semelfort 
Practical Nursing 

Isaac N. Sozi* 
Practical Nursing 

Jessica L. Spence*** 
Practical Nursing 

Jacqueline S. Steadman* 
Practical Nursing 

Rhonneka Tavares** 
Paralegal Studies 

Martin E. Thelusma 
Practical Nursing 

Kenneth Umeibe* 
Practical Nursing 

Sherrell Willl\ms* 
Information Systems Technology 

Ilona O. Zalevskaya* 
Practical Nursing 

(*) = Honors - Gold Coi-d f**} = High Honors - Black & Gold Cord (***) = Highest Honors - Bright Yellow Sash = Honors Program 


^g^holar ships, Awards, and Honors 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc./Psi Omega Chapter Award 

SPONSOR: The Boston Pearl Foundation, Inc. 

This award is given to an outstanding multicultural female graduate who is transferring to a 
four-year institution. 

Nene Diallo 
Rashida Jenkins 

Deans/Departmental Scholarship 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 

These $500 scholarships are awarded each semester to recognize outstanding academic 
achievement. To be eligible, students must be enrolled full-time in a degree program, on the 
Dean's List (GPA 3.5-3.75) or on the President's List (3.76-4.0). All applications must be signed 
by the department chair of the student's major to indicate endorsement by the department. 
Three awards will be given. 
Shaoyu Chang 
Irene Osarugue 


Nursing/Health Sciences Scholarships 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 
These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Roxbury Community College 
Foundation's Board of Directors. These $500 scholarships are awarded to full-time Nursing/ 
Health Sciences students in good academic standing who have earned a grade point average 
of at least 3.00. 

Temitope Obasekola V / ^ 

Ssu-Fang Cheng \/ 
Ngozi Osuji ^ 


Honors Program Scholarship 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 
Three awards of $500 each will be made to full-time students who are enrolled in required 
courses for their major and participate in the College's Honors Program. 

Walter Javier 

Thierno Diallo _ - • . . 

International Student Scholarship 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 
Two $1,000 awards will be given to full-time students who have come from foreign countries 
to study at RCC and hold valid student visas. They must have at least a 3.0 GPA. 
Sandra Baptista 

Julia Woods Brown Scholarship 

SPONSOR: Emeny Family Foundation 

There are three $500 scholarships in memory of Julia Woods Brown. To be eligible, students 
need to demonstrate a commitment to the community at large or to the College by working 
with specific populations and providing appropriate signed documentation as validation. 
Candidates need to have completed at least 12 credits at RCC and have at least a 3.25 GPA. 

Kevin Small 
Dawna Parry 



vholarships, Awards, and Honors 

Martin Luther King Scholarship 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 

This $500 scholarship, commemorating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, will be awarded 
to two full-time students with a GPA of at least 3.0 who excel in Social Science and have 
demonstrated a commitment to the RCC community or to the community in which they reside. 
Documentation of this will be required. 

Philip Reason 
Samuel Oyinlola 

Reggie Lewis Scholarship Fund 

SPONSOR: The Estate of the late Boston Celtic player, Reggie Lewis 
These scholarships recognize 4 student athletes in good academic standing. 
Chukwunonso Osuji >. ^ * A -V 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation ' » ^ 

Full-time or part-time students at RCC with a GPA of at least 3.0 who are majoring in Science, 
Technology, Engineering or Math may apply for these $500 scholarships. They will need a 
recommendation from the Department. ^ X. \ \ 

Stop and Shop Scholarships ^ ' ' ' 

SPONSOR: The Stop and Shop Companies 

Ten (10) scholarships of $500 each will be awarded to students, full or part-time, who have 
achieved a GPA of 2.5 or higher and who live in the City of Boston (required documentation: 
a rent receipt, utility bill, etc.). Preference will be given to those students who currently work 
or have worked for Stop and Shop and have good standing with the company. 

Daniel Mukete 

Transitional Housing Situation Scholarship 

SPONSOR: RCC Foundation 

Single parents living in a homeless shelter who have good academic standing at the College 
(2.5 GPA or above), are eligible to apply for these awards. Two will be given, at $1,000 each. 
Documentation from the shelter is required. 

Zenaida Tavares 

STEM Scholarships 

Nene Diallo 
DiDiER Jean Dega 
Bernarda Rivera-Severino 

pRANCiNE Dyer 
Teshera Yull-Yearwood 
Juan Urena 
Sharon Olivo 


ademic Regalia 

The caps, gowns and hoods of the academic procession date back to the Middle 
Ages when they were common dress for scholars. In the Twelfth Century, monks 
and students wore them to keep warm from the damp and drafty European castles 
and halls of learning. 

The Bachelor's gown has a pleated front and long, pointed sleeves. The Master's 
gown, which may be worn open, is distinguished by its long square sleeves. The 
Doctor's gown is trimmed with velvet panels and has three velvet bars on the bell 
shaped sleeves. 

The hood provides the color, contrast and sjTiibolism of the procession. Certain 
colors became associated with particular areas of knowledge. For example, the hood 
border worn by a doctor of theology was red, a color associated with the Catholic 
Church; a medical doctor wore a green border, which relates to the healing powers 
of medicinal herbs. 

In Europe, a uniform color system was never developed. However, in the United 
States, an intercollegiate committee meeting in 1895, decided upon uniform color 
standards, assigning a specific color to each field of study. 

Departmental Colors of Faculty Members' Hoods & Tassels 



Library Science 


Arts, Humanities 





Silver Gray 










Olive Green 


Light Blue 


Dark Blue 

Fine Arts 



Golden Yellow 



Social Work 







Community College 

Years of dreaming and planning came to life in 1973, when Roxbury Community 
College opened its doors in the Grove Hall area of Roxbury. Despite less than ideal 
surroundings - its location was a former car dealership - Roxbury Community 
College's dedicated faculty, staff, and administration served the educational needs 
of four hundred students. The College's mission then, as it is now, was to provide 
higher education to those Boston residents who found most other avenues to higher 
education closed. 

In 1975, growth was the impetus for a move to 424 Dudley Street, a former nursing 
home. This move permitted the expansion and strengthening of academic programs 
and student services. The College continued to grow, which precipitated another 
move in 1982, to the former site of Boston State College on Huntington Avenue. As 
the College continued to shift its service base to meet an expanding enrollment, the 
goal to establish a permanent home for Roxbury Community College in the heart of 
the communities it served, remained strong. 

With much anticipation, Roxbury Community College built its new home as the 
cornerstone of the Southwest Corridor in the Spring of 1988. This fifteen-acre 
campus includes a state-of-the-art Media Arts Building, Academic Building, 
Administration Building, Student Center, and the Reggie Lewis Track and 
Athletic Center. 

A global village, Roxbury Community College's multicultural and ethnically 
diverse student population has set it apart from other community colleges 
in the Commonwealth. Although most of our students are from Boston and 
surrounding communities, many come from all over the world: North America, 
Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the 

With renewed commitment, Roxbury Community College continues its legacy 
of providing educational opportunities for all who enter its doors. 


verning Boards and Officers 

Board of Trustees 

Mr. Gerald Chertavian, Chair 

Mr. Steven Tompkins, Vice Chair 

Mr. Glynn Lloyd, Treasurer 

Mr. Stanley Wong, Secretary /Clerk 

Mr. Mark Culliton 

Mr. Michael Curry, Esquire 

Dr. Jeffrey Greenberg 

Ms. Mayra Leith 

Ms. Roslyn Marshall 

Ms. Beth Williams 

Mr. Robert P. Jackson III, Student Trustee 
Executive Staff 

Dr. Valerie R. Roberson 

Ms. Cecile M. Regner 

Interim Vice President of Academic and 

Student Affairs 

Mr. John McLaughlin, Esquire 

Interim Vice President of Administration, 

Compliance and Public Safety 

Ms. Lorita Williams 

Vice President of Advancement and 

Community Engagement 

Mr. Patrick Jean-Louis 

Chief Information Technology Officer 

Mr. P. Paul Alexander 

Chief Human Resources and Affirmative 

Action Officer 

Board of Foundation 

Ms. Sonia L. Alle}Tie, President 
Ms. Elizabeth Clark-Donald 
Mr. Robert Fleming 
Ms. Deborah Hughes 
Ms. Myran Parker-Brass 
Mr. Wa}Tie Procope 
Ms. Ramona Salas 


Dr. Gloria Cater 

Dean Emerita of Health Sciences 
Dr. Javad Moulai 

Interim Dean of Science, Technology, 
Engineering and Math 

Dr. Nancy Teel 

Dean of Liberal Arts and Professional 


Chief College Marshal 

Mr. Alex Asare 

College Marshals 

Ms. Teresa Fordham 
Ms. Theresa Russ 
Dr. Barbara J. Savage 



This is an official publication of Roxbury Community College. Course offerings, dates, tuition, fees, and other 
information are subject to change. The College reserves the right to revise any material described in this publication. 
The information in this publication is provided for convenience, and the College disclaims any liability that may be 
incurred. This publication is neither a contract nor an offer to make a contract. 

Roxbury Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis 
of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, gender identity or sexual 
orientation in its programs and activities as required by Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Americans 
with DisabilitiesActof 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other 
applicable statutes and college policies. The College prohibits sexual harassment, including sexual violence. Inquiries 
or complaints concerning discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual violence shall be referred to the College's 
Affirmative Action and/or Title IX Coordinator, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Equal Employment 
Opportunities Commission or the United States Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. 

Title VI coordinator: Paul Alexander, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Administration Building 2, 3rd Floor, Room 313, (617} 541-5337 

Title IX coordinator for employees: Paul Alexander, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Title IX coordinator for students: Cecile M. Regner, Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs 

Administration Building 2, 3rd Floor, Room 301, (617} 541-5383 

504 coordinator: Linda O'Connor, Coordinator, Disability Services 

Academic Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 207, (617} 708-3562 

^g/pecial Thanks to the 
Commencement Committee & Ushers 

Commencement Committee 

Ms. Carol Bliss-Furr, Co-chair 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark-Donald, Co-chair 

Ms. Donna Coakley 

Ms. Shonda D. Green 

Mr. Kenneth Hall 

Mr. Steven Keyes 

Ms. Shirley Y. Leslie 

Mr. Keith McDermott 

Ms. Carrie Monestime 

Ms. Nicole McKoy 

Prof. Justin A. Petty 

Dr. Barbara J. Savage 

Mr. Phuong Tang 

Mr. Oscar Walker 


Ms. Gloria Castro 
Ms. Calhe Daniels 
Ms. Crystal Goncalves 
Ms. Lise-Marie Hagen 
Ms. Sophia Sanon 
Ms. Sherrel Stephens 
Ms. Darlene Thorpe 
Ms. Wanda Young 

RoxBURY Community College 
1234 Columbus Avenue 
Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120 
Tel: (617) 427-0060